Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tissue Paper Flower Tutorial

I realize I'm ahead of the season, but I can't wait for spring to arrive.  I'm ready for the cold and dreary weather to be over so that I can once again step out onto our deck with a cup of coffee on a sunny morning and be outside with the boys.  I'm also really hoping to build raised vegetable beds this spring and can't wait to get to plant my garden!

Until that first spring morning arrives, I've decided to bring spring inside.  I've add indoor plants and bright accent colors in our house.  Yesterday, I shared my Pink and Green Spring Tablescape (see it here).  Since our peonies are not even near sprouting yet - and even when they are in bloom, they are overrun from ants, how do I get rid of the ants?!?! - I decided to make my own pink "peonies."

This is the first time I tried my hand at making these and it was very simple.  I started with an assortment of tissue paper and floral wire (I only ended up using three packs for this project):

#1)  Since I wanted to create flowers rather than pom poms, I used four pieces of tissue paper.  If you wanted to create round pompoms, I would use 8 pieces; 

#2)  Accordion fold the paper;

#3)  I created two different sizes, so I alternated cutting the paper into thirds and fourths;

#4) Round the edges to create a flower petal.  You can skip this step if you want to create the tissue pom pom instead.

#5)  Tie the floral wire around the center.

#6)  Carefully spread each layer of tissue toward the center of the flower.  You're done!  So easy! 

It was really fun creating these.  Living in a house full of boys, I don't often get to create pink girly things.  I really want to create a gathering of pom poms in a nursery, like this, or use these for a birthday party:

However, it's just a little too girly for the little boys in our house.  My husband thinks our white crib is too girly, I can only imagine what he would think if I added pom poms over the bed!  Oh, my son DID take a break from playing cars and trains with his dad to "help mama make butterflies and flowers":
Yes, he did get his camera out to also take pictures......  One last look:

As always, thanks for stopping by.  If you like what you see here, I'd love to have you follow along!


  1. How pretty! I love peonies - they are one of my favorites! I'll have to give these a try sometime. I've got some tissue paper lying around that would work great.

  2. i love em, dawn! i made a whole slew of white ones (we're talking like 25 huge ones) for my christmas party and now have them stored in a guest room. magic!

    the pink is fabulous!


  3. Love the giant in your face idea of these tissue paper flowers. They do look great hanging or down the table.

  4. Thnaks for the tutorial. I am gonna try this!

  5. Those are so pretty. I will be featuring this tonight at my Winter Blues Wednesday party that opens at 8pm EST. Please stop by and pick up an I've Been Featured button. Thanks.