Monday, October 27, 2014

Client Project: #ProjectBedding

I was recently at a clients home to review the final purchases for her kitchen/breakfast room/ family room and started discussions for her living / dining room.  Half way through the meeting, her husband swooped in and politely asked "Would you follow me Dawn? I have a few projects of my own I'd like to discuss....."  He continued his brisk walk knowing that I would follow him, as his wife Lisa profusely apologized to me for his abrupt disruption.

This often happens on the off chance he's around when I stop over.  This time, though, my assignment was really fun and an easy one to knock off my list.  He recently purchased art at the Hinsdale Art Fair - a local art fair - for their guest bedroom, and wanted me to select frames and update the bedding using the art as my starting point.

Here is the plan I shared with them:

Monday, October 20, 2014

Client Project: Ranch Project Living Room

I met Carol and Emmett - dubbed my Ranch Project Clients - at a park one day while swinging our respective little ones.  We started talking and discovered that both our boys took baseball together!  Our conversation blossomed from there and before I knew it, Carol mentioned she needed help pulling her home together.  I directed her to my blog to take a look around and told her to give me a call if she was interested in help.

(fabric selections for their room)