Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My New Coat Hooks and a Mudroom Makeover

The back entry to our house - or mudroom, let's call it - is most used since it is closest to the garage, backyard, and driveway.  So while we have a nice large closet in the front entry, it doesn't do us too much good since we are constantly coming in and out the back way. 

Our coats landed everywhere, from the floor to the stairs to the couch just off the stairs.  It drove me crazy for years.  But lucky for me, it recently started driving my husband crazy, too!!!  Once that happens, I usually get the ok to spend a little money to make the space more functional. 

Here is a peek at my new coat hooks:

I'm so loving these Equestrian-inspired Stable Hooks from Anthropology.  This room has a really tall ceiling, so these 9.5" tall hooks were the right scale and worked with the color of our light fixture, as you will see.  I found this hook while searching google images for Stable Hooks.   I was so happy to find them, and then sad to see that Anthropology no longer sells them.  Not to be deterred, I found five available on Ebay from two separate sellers, yeah!

Let's step back.  I've shared our front entry numerous times at the blog, most recently here.  I've never shared the mudroom previously.  Here's why:

I'd say this qualified as a mudroom mostly because of the mud and leaves that collect in here.  This is the only before shot I have, and it was while my husband was hanging our new, AWESOME, coat hooks - did I mention I really like them?  (My son got out his tools and helped too, of course).  It looks rather clean in this picture, comparatively speaking. 

(BTW....I scored that old sled an estate sale recently!  Isn't it kind of cool?)

In addition to the hooks, we changed the bench in this room as you will notice.  The chest, which was given to us by my mother in law, was in a little used guest bedroom storing extra blankets.  It took me, oh, about two years to think of moving it into the mudroom.  It's nice as it has lots of room for shoe storage inside. 

Here is how the room looks now:

So much more functional, but still bland.  I have lots of ideas about how to add more function to this room and to make it a little more pretty.  Before I share some fun inspiration pictures, here are a few more views of this entryway:

Notice the baby gate.....turns out, with its tricky latch, it keeps adults from getting down the stairs, too.....

Here is the wall  you see as you walk in the house.

There is lots of wall space to work with here and at the landing above.   I'd really love to add a large scale collection of paintings or prints.   That will take time and lots of searching, though, so I also thought of blowing up and framing several of my "architectural detail" pictures or family vacation pictures I blogged about here. Can't decide.....

I have other ideas for adding color and more function, but I've bored you enough with details, no?  How about we look at some fun inspiration pictures?!?!  On one hand, I love these inspiration pictures of large walls with collections of frames / pictures:
I like how this collection of old pictures becomes more uniform when framed in the same frames.
These next few pictures display pictures and collections.  I like the idea of adding a shelf above the hooks for displaying collections, maybe of baskets, cool old bottles, or some of the items you see here:

I would really like to add a bench cushion like you see above or pillows like in the picture below (although it might not be practical since we often open and close the bench, but it sure would be pretty).

I'll share my progress over the next few weeks....maybe months....hopefully not years.  I'm still deciding on those kitchen hardware pulls....though.  So don't hold your breath!  ;)

How about you?  What do you have in your entry to make it more pretty and practical?  Are you especially drawn to any of the pictures above?  What would you do with my space!

BUT, before I let you go, I would kindly like to ask for your support and vote for my blog "makeover" I blogged about last week (you can click here to see my post).  If you could take a few seconds and follow the link below and click vote under my picture, I would greatly appreciate it!

I'm currently trailing, but within reach!  So every vote will count!


  1. Those coat hooks are perfect! I love the equestrian look and feel to them. And you are right - you needed bigger hooks to fit the scale of the mudroom.

    I love gallery walls and like all the inspiration photos you've posted. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  2. love your hooks. in fact, i have never met a hook i didn't like. our entry is boring. there is no wall space to hang much, so i have twin mirrors but that's it. there is architectural interest though and in summer, i usually place a round table in the center with books and blooms.

    love the inspiration photos. my gallery walls never look so chic and end up being nixed but i think you will come up with a winning combo for your entry which is just waiting for your touch.



  3. There is a lot of potential there Dawn and the hooks are only the beginning of this transformation that i know you will rock!!
    You are now neck to neck with the other contender, I voted and hope everyone else will too. Post it on FB as well and good luck!!!!

  4. Love the hooks!! I love the idea of all of the frames!

  5. I think you are on to a great start! I am loving the hooks and I think the photos up the stairs would be wonderful! A place to collect pics and art that you love and will see every day! It will really dress up the area!

  6. Love the hooks. Anthropology has the coolest stuff!

  7. Love the hooks and I know you will make the space amazing!!!

  8. Great inspiration pictures, Dawn! I'm almost done with the gallery wall behind our front door. Well, I'm looking for one more piece as my "base" and then I can add little things in as I find them.

  9. I love the coat hooks... I might have to go down to Anthropology and pick some up.