Saturday, March 30, 2013

The decision...and other weekend happenings

What decision, you ask?  After four long years, we've finally selected our kitchen hardware.  Ok, maybe it isn't that exciting for you, but it is for me! 

What hardware made the cut?  Could it possibly be that special?!?!  No, probably not.  But for a decision as permanent as this one, which requires holes drilled into our cabinets...I get nervous.  These pulls, however, have me ready to make the commitment.....

They arrived in this box....

Just the name of the store alone makes me happy.
...and here they are...

These are essentially the same pulls I first chose four years ago (just a little more squared off).  At the time, my husband didn't like them.  Four years later, we walk into Restoration Hardware, I pulle these out, and suddenly he likes them.  Go figure. 

In other weekend happenings...I finally made those fajitas I shared (here) in my last post.

In case you are wondering, the Trader Joe's pre-sliced and frozen peppers tasted just as good as the fresh ones.  They weren't quite as crisp, but so worth it for the ease in prep.  I didn't get to enjoy my fajitas with a margarita, but a white glass of wine did just fine:

By the NOT to warm your tortillas, or so my husband says.  I like them best this way, just a little bit charred.....

Speaking of Trader Joe's....I may also have a minor obsession with that store, right behind my IKEA obsession (more about that here).  I brought home these beauties this week:

....oh, and this mini version and these daffodils as well...
With Easter on the horizon, we decided to head out to an Easter egg hunt offered by the park district.  Due to my poor planning (or maybe lack thereof) we arrived an hour late!!!  It was all over.  That's ok, we got to enjoy a nice sunny day outdoors and did a little of this (he loves his wallet Auntie Kathleen!):

They had lots of fun, and we did too.
And finally, a run out to Target for a gallon of milk brought me home with these:

So cute!  And the reason I try to shop at Walmart... ;)  I like Target's products too much and always seem to find myself bringing home items that I suddenly NEED upon seeing....
We will be making Easter eggs this afternoon when the boys wake up.  How about you, are you enjoying your weekend?

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  1. They look fabulous....Love that store!

    Funny story here. Went to a kitchen cabinet dealer and installer. Asked what were on sale? He suggested I go in his warehouse, find the box of odds and ends ....I did..found 40+ different knobs left over from his previous jobs...he GAVE them to me..FREE! Each door and drawer in our kitchen has a different knob! It's fun, unique and quite the conversation starter!

  2. Nice choice in hardware! I'm right there with you regarding Trader Joe's and their tempting floral goodies right at the front too! I'm not as obsessed with TJ as I am with Ikea but close:)
    Enjoy your Easter with your little guys!

  3. The hardware is awesome! I'm glad you finally decided on it. The flowers are so pretty. I really need to buy some more for the house to freshen it up a bit. Love your Target purchases as well! I try to stay away from Target as much as I can because I always find things I want!

  4. I am so laughing because I shop at walmart just so I don't buy things at target! I have to force myself to not go to target... and I have saved so much money because of it! Love the hardware!

  5. Wait to go on selecting the hardware - it's a classic for sure. When we did our kitchen remodel I remember going back and forth between 2 different styles and I'm so happy that we went with the one we chose - I love them. And good tips on the fajitas - those are favorites of ours.