Monday, March 11, 2013

I want a facelift!!!

No...not for me!  For my blog, of course.
Mom, were you scared when you saw that one?  :)

Cindy over at Cinsarah is giving away a Deluxe Blog Design Package for her blogs two year anniversary!

Deuxe Blog Design Package ($160 Value)
Includes: 2 or 3 column design, custom header, simple or pattern background, color matching, up to 2 blog buttons, signature, favicon, about me graphic, social network buttons, navigation bar (with page installation) & sidebar titles (unlimited).

I don't even know what a blog button is, but I know I want one!!!  :)

As part of the challenge, I need to convince Cindy and her readers that I'm the one who needs this blog face lift!  So here it goes.....

I'm technologically and "social media" challenged....and I have a those things mix?  I'm not so sure.  When I started this blog, I simply wanted to dip my feet in, see if I liked it, and go from there.  Around Christmas time, this little blog picked up a little steam and I started getting visitors! 

(Ok, I had three somewhat regular visitors before that time and thank you very much, you probably know who you are)!!!!

I think I want to stick with this blogging adventure, so it's time for me to act like a professional, no?

Here's the problem.  Time.  How to find it, where to get it, and how to prioritize what I do with it.  It's hard enough finding time to come up with a plan for my home design, implement it, take pictures of it, edit the pictures, load them up to the blog, and write about it.  I sometimes even forget to spell check.  Or actually read all the words I write....(ironically I'm asking YOU to read all the words I write and I REALLY APPRECIATE those of you who do!!!)

Adding Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter buttons on top of that?  (I don't even have a twitter account.  Maybe I don't want that button). 

And a cohesive font and color palette through out?  (I'm still working on that for my house, color, neutral, color, neutral, I can't make up my mind).

BTW...I really dig this color pallet:

Wait, maybe I like this neutral palette:

Cindy, can you help me?!?!?!  Thanks for this awesome giveaway.  I really hope I win!!! 


  1. Good luck! But really, your blog is already elegant.

  2. What an awesome giveaway! I'd love a facelift as well :) I hope you win! Good luck!

  3. I so hope you win! I just found your blog through the party and think it is divine! I saw your Christmas post about cornflake wreaths and I had to read more {we love those in out family too} Your simple sense of style rocks! I am your newest follower here!! Nicole

  4. I remember when you only had a few readers and I couldn't figure why since I really liked your blog:)

    It's so much to get a facelift! I'm loving my new site and I hope you get to do yours, even though it looks pretty good already! Have a good weekend Dawn~

  5. Thanks so much for entering Dawn!! :)
    I remember finding your blog and thought WOW I love her home!
    It would be SO MUCH FUN giving your blog a "facelift"
    I love your background already! ;)

    Voting begins today!! :)
    Good Luck!