Sunday, March 17, 2013

More IKEA Lovin' (& Bloglovin'!!)

It's no secret.  I love IKEA.  I'll admit it, I shop there monthly.   

I first admitted my IKEA love here on my blog, when I shared how I would re-create my designer inspired dining rooms with IKEA products.

Today's IKEA isn't the one I remember from my college days; it's where I shopped to buy storage and accessories for my first room away from home.  I shopped there simply for it's low cost.  Of course, back then, I thought more about a room from a functional standpoint - on a good day - and not from a "pretty" design standpoint.  So who knows, maybe they were already a place were function meets good design on a budget.  Anyone? 

I'm not breaking any ground here, posting about IKEA finds.   I know this.   (And I'm not insinuating that I'm ever posting "ground breaking" ideas here, although I'd like to think so :)).  However, I thought I'd share my take on some of my favorite IKEA finds, lately

Our Living Room (more pics here):

#1 IKEA STOCKHOLM Cushion, $12.99/ #2 BIGARRĂ…  5 1/2" plant pot with saucer, $14.99 / #3 FICUS LYRATA, aka Fiddle Leaf Fig, $12.99

I really like the black and white graphic design of the Stockholm pillow.  My son thinks it looks like a train track.  Admittedly, he ties everything back to trains.  But now, it's all I see after hearing his opinion.  Either way, I think it provides a great contrast to the colorful blanket that I added to the couch for spring.  The pillow is soft and comfortable, too!

I used this heavy duty Bigarra black planter, which is available in several larger sizes, to help tie in the black accents I'm adding to my rooms.  I'm thinking about also using a larger version on our deck this summer.

...and the Fiddle Leaf Fig....can anyone tell me, will it actually grow figs?  ;)  It helps add the green, living element into our living room.  Supposedly, house plants help eliminate toxins from the air we breath?!?!  Bonus. 

I'm not sure about its location, I need to read to see if too much direct sunlight will hurt this plant.  Anyone know this, off the top of their head?

 Our Entryway (more pics here):

#1 LAPPLJUNG Pillow Cover, Red Lilac $5.00 / #2 TEJN Faux Sheepskin $9.99 / #3 PHALAENOPSIS, Orchid $14.99

Admittedly, my orchids were from Trader Joe's, I bought them on a whim one day.  However, they are also available from IKEA.  These, along with the LAPPLJUNG pillow cover  - inside my black and white frame - add color to our entry. 

I LOOOOOVE my furry faux sheepskin rug.  I'm sure that comes as no surprise given that my furry white pillows have made many appearances here on my blog.  I actually bought two of the TJEN rugs to use beside my bed.  I loved stepping onto them in the morning.  They are REALLY soft.  They didn't last long in the bedroom, however, since I wanted to add more texture in our entryway.  I'm so tempted to go back and buy two more..............

These LENDA bleached curtains were only $19.99 for 1 pair.  (I bought two sets since they hang on a really long bank of windows).  I really liked the light beige linen looking version, as well, however they do not work with the wall color in this room.  I like the light airiness of how this panel hangs.  I also appreciate that they are machine washable since stickey fingers roam this room often. 

However, I do not like the rod pockets at the top of this curtain.  In my opinion,  it cheapens the look.  I folded those down and hung the curtain from curtain rings.  I will remove the rod pockets at some point, probably when I hem the curtains:

See?  They are a little long.  However, I think she approves.............For those of you without a sewing machine, these curtains come with the no sew iron on adhesive. 

Kitchen Duty:
I just replaced our Crate & Barrel dinnerware - since most of the dishes were chipping - with the FĂ„RGRIK 18-piece stoneware, $19.99.  I've known, pretty much from the day I bought our last set of DARK dishes, that I wanted to switch to white.  I'm trying to convince my husband that my meals will look more appetizing to him from these white plates!!!  Wouldn't you agree?  :)

By the way, we LOVE this Chicken Stew with Butternut Squash and Quinoa pictured above.  It's healthy and very flavorful.  You can find the recipe here.  You should try this one, I think you will like it!

As an aside, it's a little more time intensive compared to most meals I make - I keep it REALLY simple most of the time so that might not me saying much. Either way, that is easily remedied if you purchase the pre-cut and washed squash from Costco along with their pre-cooked rotisserie chicken.

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Finally, I'm just now reading that Google is eliminating its Google Reader service. If that is the service you use to keep up with your blogs, and you are now transferring as a result, I created a bloglovin' button (here and in my sidebar) so that you can continue to follow along!!!!

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Hope you've enjoyed your weekend and as always, thanks for stopping by!
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  1. Whaaaat?? No GFC! I can't believe that. I love GFC. Thanks for sharing that. I also love Ikea. AND I love your blog. LOL that's a lot of loves!
    Jamie ~

  2. I think it's just Google Reader that's going away...not the widget that shows our followers and such. But people who use Google Reader to read blogs would need to switch to either Feedly or BlogLovin. I think...

  3. I'm an Ikea junkie as well and can't get enough of it! I swear we need to be compensated for going on and on about them right?
    To answer your question, no your Fiddle Leaf fig will not produce figs and it can take some sunlight.. I've had mine (from Ikea) for 3 months now and i watered very little and it was doing well and now the brown leaves have started! Ughh!

  4. I'm glad you posted about the window panels. I've got a client who I think will do the same thing (use the rings and clips rather than using the rod pocket). Plus it's easier to swing them from side to side to open them up. I'm so bummed to see Google Reader going away - I need to read up on my alternatives.

  5. I like IKEA too! its a long drive from here but I always find fabulous things. Following you through bloglovin ♥

  6. I really like that Stockholm pillow. The graphic adds so much to the room! The orchids are really pretty as well. It's always nice to have natural elements in your home. Great finds! I wish we had an Ikea close to us. Sigh!

  7. Gotta Love Ikea. Love your sofa and everything on it

  8. So I have a little experience with the fiddle fig from Ikea getting too much sun and dying... I had it in a south window that got afternoon sun {12-sun down} and it was a slow death! I love using Ikea in the smart ways like you have... good accessories and functional items! a mix of high is low is what gives a house texture and personality!

  9. Love the way you are inspired and still make it your own, thats what great designers do, a little inspiration can go a long way then with a few touches it looks wonderful like have a great style that will serve you your look

  10. ha! i have those stockholm pillows as well--one of the best buys at ikea if you ask me. and the sheepskin just cozies everything up so perfectly. your place looks so effortlessly chic. i think you've done a great job with the mix.

    the stew sounds delish. i am no longer gluten fre, but i have cut back since i have sensitivity (but no intolerance).

    we will have to meet at portillo's or lou's sometime this spring!


  11. What a beautiful setting. I am visiting you via No Minimalist Here. I would love for you to stop by My Dream Canvas. I am hosting a Giveaway for my blog's birthday. Please join in if you like it :)

  12. Your pictures look amazing like they are straight from a magazine!! I LOVE them. I know my readers would love them, too! We have a weekly link up party at and we'd love to have you join us!! P.S. I tried to like you and FB and didn't find you under inspired living home. Let me know if you are under another name :)

  13. Love every picture you post of your home! IKEA is a favorite of mine as well and I'm in the process of making a big list of things I *need* to get. Those graphic pillows may very well be coming home with me!

    Have a great weekend!

    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three