Monday, October 20, 2014

Client Project: Ranch Project Living Room

I met Carol and Emmett - dubbed my Ranch Project Clients - at a park one day while swinging our respective little ones.  We started talking and discovered that both our boys took baseball together!  Our conversation blossomed from there and before I knew it, Carol mentioned she needed help pulling her home together.  I directed her to my blog to take a look around and told her to give me a call if she was interested in help.

(fabric selections for their room)  

Like many of my clients, Carol and Emmett recently transitioned from a small city condo into a larger suburban home.  In many cases, this means my clients have entire rooms filled with nothing, or, furniture that doesn't work in the new space.  Many people feel overwhelmed by the task of starting from scratch on a new room; this is where I enter the scenario.  Here is a before picture of the space we started on:

The dreaded long and narrow living room.  I spent lots of time on this floor plan and played with several different options.  While it is often suggested to split a long and narrow room into sections, the clients didn't like it for this space, and neither did I.  The owners like to entertain and want to use the room for large family gatherings - and wanted to maximize seating - so that everyone can sit in the room for conversation.  Here is the ultimate floor plan that was approved:

I decided to pull the conversation area into the middle of the room, centered with the fire place.  To do so, I placed a console/sideboard on the far wall of the room (right side in the floorplan above) which will be used for dining room storage (the dining room is right around the corner and too small for its own console and we will likely place a little bar in there) and to use for appetizers when company is over.

The entry to the home is a very small space and enters right into this room.  Therefore, a console is placed behind the sofa to create an entry passage and also allow for a space for keys and mail.  The wall behind this sofa will serve as a black and white photo gallery. This is a generic 3D rendering (not actual sofa, side table,etc choices) of the space:

The photo wall will be more random though, like this gallery and will likely include a ledge or two:

Carol likes contemporary interiors that are warm with fun and unexpected pops of color /statement pieces.  Here are the fabrics we selected for the upholstered pieces (expected any day now) along with the art we will hang over the console.  We used neutral fabrics on the seating and the art will serve as the inspiration for the colored accessories and textiles we pull into the room:

We are in the process of finalizing the console, rug, and coffee table purchases.  These are the pieces we like, so stay tuned for the final decision.  The following buffet is a strong contender given size and price, however my client is trying to decide if the glass will bother her:

We may add just a touch of rustic appeal, to play off their fireplace, with the coffee table.  However, my client has made it very clear to me that rustic is not her thing and only a light touch of weathered/distressed/ rustic wood is allowed.  I really think it will work great in the space and keep it from becoming too stuffy:

...and will we keep it neutral with the rug:

...or go with another touch of color:

....stay tuned!

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  1. Love this layout I have a similar shaped house and have been trying to think of what to do with some of the spaces that I have. Love the idea floating the couch. Are they planning on putting a tv in this room at all? Just curious

  2. No, they don't want a tv in this room as they have a small den off the dining room (our next project!) If they did want one, I'd probably recommend they hang it on the fireplace wall.

    I think floating the couch works because we have room to place a console behind it.... that can be used for display and as a room divider. If I couldn't fit the console in that space, i would have flipped the couch with the two chairs....