Monday, October 27, 2014

Client Project: #ProjectBedding

I was recently at a clients home to review the final purchases for her kitchen/breakfast room/ family room and started discussions for her living / dining room.  Half way through the meeting, her husband swooped in and politely asked "Would you follow me Dawn? I have a few projects of my own I'd like to discuss....."  He continued his brisk walk knowing that I would follow him, as his wife Lisa profusely apologized to me for his abrupt disruption.

This often happens on the off chance he's around when I stop over.  This time, though, my assignment was really fun and an easy one to knock off my list.  He recently purchased art at the Hinsdale Art Fair - a local art fair - for their guest bedroom, and wanted me to select frames and update the bedding using the art as my starting point.

Here is the plan I shared with them:

The art that will go over over the bed is a set of two:

In order to better fill the space, I selected an oversize black and white frame with a large matte (testing it out at the store in the picture below):

I unfortunately had Lisa strip the old brown bedding before I arrived with the purchases, but here is a shot of the room, which is their guest bedroom:

In addition to the bedding, we will hang the art and a mirror I purchased, refinish a chair in the corner of the room (not seen here), purchase new bedside table lamps since the current ones are not functioning, and I hope to convince her to add window panels.  We won't be doing anything else in this space since our primary focus is currently on her living / dining room design.

The art is vibrant and colorful, and the walls are grayish green.  Given the various colors in the room, I decided I would like to use a healthy dose of white and black bedding, to proved a relief from all of the color, but also to let the art - and the few colorful pillows I selected - shine.  To stop the black and white from becoming too distracting, we used a white quilt as well.

Here is a sneak peek of the bedding in place:

Since I used a very neutral white quilt and black and white duvet, I needed to pull in the colors of the art and walls with the accent pillows.  These Kilim pillows  had those colors as well as a very dark, almost black color in it as well which made them a perfect fit for the room.  They were actually the inspiration for the rest of the bedding.  I had to use cream or off white to make it work.  I say it was worth it!  We added another shot of color with the printed orange sheets:

(I realized after testing out all the bedding that I will also need to purchase a sheet for the box spring, I think black).  I debated using the shams that came with the quilt but have decided I really like the orange peeking out from behind the decorative shams.  Finally, I wanted to add a little more texture and warmth, and think the mohair and leather pillows do just that,  They are perfect for fall and she can move them to different areas of the house if she wants!

Once I purchase the frames and the rest of the items, I will share a before and after of the room!  So stop back by for updates.  Make sure to follow me, here, on Instagram for more up to date pictures!

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  1. Looks awesome Dawn! Love the pillows and how they pull in your accent colors.