Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Fine Art Giveaway!

In a design world filled with neutrals and simple decor - which I love, don't get me wrong - art is a great way to add color, pattern, texture, and above all, personality into your home!  Art can make a bold statement:

(Suzanne Gibbs Studio, ©July 2013, Cuts and Bruises, encaustic, on canvas wrapped panel, 14 x 11. $720)

Or it can add texture and interest:

(Suzanne Gibbs, Highrise 2, Acrylic, oil and canvas pieces on canvas, 14 x 11. $420)

It can stand alone:

(Simple black and white on a mantle.  Image via Pure Style Home.  Living room of recently featured in Domino Magazine.)

(source unknown)

Danielle Moss Apartment tour, via The Everygirl

Or it could live happily in a community:

 via, room designed by Luis Bustamante

image came via Simplified Fee, source unknown

Over the past year, I have become a follower and reader of Notes on Art, a blog written by Suzanne Gibbs, owner of Suzanne Gibbs Studio.  And you know what?  She also happens to be my cousin!  She lives across the country from me and my family, and I can't honestly tell you the last time I saw her.  BUT, last year, we had the opportunity to reconnect as we both blog about and pursue our passions: my passion of interior design and hers of creating fine art.  The internet age works in funny ways!  It also helps that our two passions happen to intersect.

For about a year now, I've been toying with the idea of buying original pieces of art for my home - but sometimes I just don't know where to start since it can feel like a big commitment.  Than last week, Suzanne posted a generous offer on her blog.  She offered free art to the first takers.  Say what?  When I saw her offer I read it twice to be sure.  I then immediately paid for - she asked her readers to take on the cost of shipping - two pieces that spoke to me and I still have my eye on a few more pieces.

My first two pieces arrived tonight:

The texture, interest, movement, and energy sucked me right in.  I've since secured one more piece for my home!  

Here is an excerpt from Suzanne's post:

I am sharing a generous amount of my art for a March madness give away......  I am fully ready to take on the work of the project of March Madness Giveaway.  I will focus on the work of giving away work until the work is with others or we reach the end of March, whichever comes first!  By moving my work to other peoples hands, mine will be free to make new work and begin new projects that are percolating in my brain, heart and soul.
I want at least 49 works of art to go to NEW homes....  Pass along the gift of sharing and generosity and send art to a place in need of “eye candy”.  If you ever thought, I want original art, but cannot afford it – here is your chance! For one month everyone can afford a small token of my gratitude.
I asked Suzanne if she would be open to extending her giveaway to readers of my blog and she agreed!  My goal with this giveaway is to get artwork that I admire into the hands of the design obsessed!  Ok, I make the assumption that my readers are like me and design obsessed.  Maybe you are not and you just want a pulled together home.  Whatever your goal is, if you appreciate original art and would like the opportunity to display pieces in your home, please comment below for your chance to win (and make sure I have a way to reach you if you are a no reply blogger or non blogger)!  If you can't comment / are not a blogger, just send me an email (dawnmreeves at gmail dot com).

I want this giveaway to be as simple as possible.  I'm not looking to make anyone follow me on facebook, instagram, or anywhere else for an entry (unless of course you like what you see here and want to!)  Just comment below for your chance to win!  There will be three winners chosen by random draw held early next week.  

Also, take a moment to go check out Suzanne's other work that is available right now, here and here!  There are a lot of great options, but they are going fast.  So head on over!
These are the five pieces that Suzanne is sharing with my readers:

(given away as a standalone)

(the above three will be given away as a grouping) 

  (Given away as a standalone)

These black and white drawings will look great framed with a generous white matte and a black, white, or pale wood frame.  I love the following images for inspiration to display the art in your home:
(via Houzz, design by CDA Interior Design)

via, room designed by Luis Bustamante


Off center matte displayed in a group of three:

Stand alone:

Mixed among various styles:

(Danielle Moss Apartment tour, via The Everygirl)


Good luck!  


  1. How generous of Suzanne to offer her work, and how thoughtful of you to pass it on. I am very interested in the pieces.

  2. what beautiful art work! thanks for the giveaway!!

  3. Love the artwork! What a fun giveaway!!

  4. Such a generous idea! I'd love to add one of her pieces to my own original art collection :)

  5. I love discovering new artists. Art is just one element of our design obsessed world isn't it? That's what makes design so much fun is that there are endless possibilities with regard to all elements, don't you think? So many combinations and such. Anyway, heading over to check out Suzanne's blog. Thanks for sharing! I just recently learned about encaustic and was fascinated.

  6. I see talent runs in the family:) I'm heading over to check out Suzanne's blog as well and would love a chance to win one of her pieces..