Monday, March 3, 2014

Waterlogue: I've Jumped the Bandwagon, and a Giveaway

Are you familiar with Waterlogue?  For the un-initiated, it is an iPad/ iPhone app that allows you to transform your photograph images into a "water color."  I first came across these images on Instagram about a month ago.  I'm one of those people that tries to avoid the latest trends because I think "I'm too cool for that!" (HA!); so naturally I avoided the app at all costs.

I lasted almost a month before I saw this app creep its way into the blog universe.  Upon seeing what bloggers were doing with the images (Shine Your Light, here and Imparting Grace, here), my first reaction was to jump as quickly as I could onto the first iDevice I could find and buy myself that app!!

 (My new "water color" image hung above my nightstand)

First, I had way too much fun changing every photograph image of mine into a Waterlogue image.  Here is a sampling of the results:

Wine Barrels, Napa Winery

 Downtown Santa Barbara
Napa Winery 

Positano, Italy, which I blogged about here

Next, I plotted how I could use one in my own home.  I've used lots of vacation photographs in my home but I've been thinking about how I could use the images beyond a simple Costco print (i.e. canvas).  This Waterlogue app was the perfect way to experiment because the cost was cheap: $3 for the app and $2 for each print.  I like the results:

Side note: I spruced up my all white bedding for these pictures with this reversible Kantha quilt and two pillows that are actually intended for my living room; I was too busy creating my water colors and all to wash laundry/bedding!  I love these Kantha quilts to easily add a little color to the home.  Here is the reverse side (instagram photo):

Anyway, using the iPad app, I turned this photo I took during a stay at the Four Seasons Biltmore in Santa Barbara last year (blogged about here):

and turned it into this:

Yet another simple DIY: (1) Choose photograph, (2) Waterlogue photograph, (3) email to yourself (4) visit Kinko's and email the file to Kinko's - they always have an address onsite (5) let them print your selected size (just be sure the image is sized correctly before you go because Kinko's will charge you $7 to do that!)

I chose the Kinko's route to start, because it was cheap and I wanted to see how these images would turn out in print.  Their presentation paper works fine, but I'll be honest; now that I know I'm happy with the printed results, I'm going to have these images printed in ink on textured art paper.  I think the images will greatly benefit from doing so.  I did a quick search and it looks like it should only be about $10 for each print.

As you might see, I've thought a lot about how to cost effectively add art into my home while I try to build an actual "collection."  I'm excited to say that I've recently secured two originals of my own for my home and can't wait to get my hands on them!  With that said, I will be back later this week with a giveaway from the same artist for my readers!  So please be sure to stop back by to enter for your chance to win.  Until then:

(I couldn't help myself)

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  1. (Lol - the last picture is great.) The Positano picture is devine! I'll be downloading that app shortly.

    1. The image I shared with you from your living room was one of my favorites, but I'm saving that picture for another post! :)

  2. I have not yet purchased the app but I so want to!! I love your examples Dawn!
    Perfect as gifts to clients when when you help them sell their home.

  3. How fun is this app! Your photos look fantastic. I definitely need to do this with some of our travel photos. Printing them on canvas would be great too!

  4. Wow--what stunning results! I assume the "presentation paper" you refer to is just regular photo paper, but what is the textured art paper? Is that another option when ordering from Kinkos, or ?? I have the Waterlogue app, but no idea how to go about getting prints... Thanks for posting this...

  5. I haven't taken the plunge yet to Waterlogue but I am intrigued - especially when I see pretty photos like yours. I really like them for landscape and interiors. And now you have an idea to use with clients too - could add a fun element to a room.