Saturday, December 29, 2012

New Years Eve Outfit

We are going out for our first New Years Eve without the boys since our oldest son was born!  I'm looking forward to having dinner and hanging out with some of our closets friends!!!

I'm the type of person that, if I don't plan an outfit in advance, I'm guaranteed to show up 45 minutes late, my bedroom will look like a bomb went off, and I will most likely end up in the very first outfit I had on........and I will be unhappy about it all!  (My old roomates, who may be reading this, can attest to this fact as they repeatedly saw it happen in our 5 years of living together.)

That is NOT the way I want to start the evening. 

So, I did a little planning today:


(Lest you be fooled this is of course NOT me on the red carpet but the look I'm after with items from my closet.)  I love that the jacket, tee, and leggings can easily be mixed and matched with so many other items in my closet.  The scarf and accessories is what will make the outfit in this case. 
Anyway, I came across this shirt/dress on pinterest and LOVE it but can't find the source anywhere:
...and in all honestly, whatever the price is I'm not sure I want to spend much money on a dress that I could realistically only wear a few times; because, let's face it, I'm not going to wear this while I drop my son off at preschool or run to the grocery store. 
I'd rather spend my money on basic shirts that can easily be mixed and matched or dressed up or down based on my mood.  Here, two of my newer shirts that would be dressed up with a scarf that has the same feel as the dress pictured above:

Do you have big plans for New Years Eve?  Do you take it as a chance to get decked out, or do you dress for comfort?


  1. You are smart to plan ahead! I always seem to be rushing when I'm getting ready to go out and hating what I wear!
    Just going to a couple of house parties this year so I'm dressing for comfort..
    Have fun!!

  2. I see nothing wrong with wearing that dress to drop your son off. Whatever makes us feel pretty and the other parents will have something to talk about all am sure that what ever you decide to wear your creative warm personality will shine through and you will be beautiful. Happy New Year. I look forward to following you this year....

    1. Thanks for leaving such a kind comment Sheryl and stopping by!

  3. Those are great inspiration pieces! We still don't know what we're doing for NYE! Probably something low key at a friend's house. Exciting for you that you are going out this year - so fun! Hope you have a great time :)

  4. The detail on the back of the jacket, the sequin scarf, and the shimmery eye in that first image are all perfect NYE-wear!

    Alyssa @

    1. Alyssa - the jacket was from BCBG purchased on clearance and I'm excited to use it! Thanks for stopping by.

  5. So late but the shirt dress is Haute Hippie