Thursday, February 13, 2014

Pre-School Valentine's

I thought today I would share the Valentine's I made with my son to pass out at his pre-school class.  This idea is not original, I saw it somewhere on the internet!  But, I had fun doing these with my son so thought I'd share the Valentine's, and a few outtakes, here!

My son LOVES posing for pictures and reviewing them, so this one was fun for us.  We had a photo shoot, and I chose the best picture and uploaded it to Costco photos (since I had to shop there the next day anyway).  Costco Photo has lots of border options, and I found this one under their holiday section.  For $2, I ordered 20 4 x 6 photos and for another $1.50 I found the heart pops.

Using an embroidery needle, I added the hole's to the picture and inserted the suckers.  Done.

Here is the best part, the outtakes from our photo shoot:

 Why sit when I can jump?

Ok, mom, I'll try to be more serious....

Feeling silly....

...getting bored.....

Can Little Howler get in on the action mom?

Can I try too mom?

Got it!

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