Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Easy Orchid Centerpiece

If you've been around this blog you might now that I'm a big fan of orchids.  I filled my home with them last winter / spring because of the ease in care (two to three ice cubes once a week) and the longevity of the flowers (mine bloomed all winter/spring).

For some reason, though, it never crossed my mind to group these flowers.  But as I cataloged and reviewed some of my favorite inspiration images for my own home, I kept noticing these plants grouped in one pretty vessel together.  I started to wonder how I could get myself one!

Last week I was shopping our local Mariano's (a Midwest grocer that I LOVE!) and saw that the floral department was selling one for $75.  I didn't care for the bowl (for my house) but casually asked the woman working the department how she put the centerpiece together.  She was really helpful and in case you are wondering, I did buy flowers from her, so I didn't feel that bad!  I decided I could recreate my own centerpiece for a little less money.

It is literally so easy it almost doesn't warrant a DIY (like many of my projects), but here you go anyway!  What you will need:

1.  Orchids - See, I told you this was a little obvious.  Anyway, I went to IKEA since I knew they have a pretty good selection of orchids at a good price.  Trader Joe's usually has a really good selection but I haven't had a chance to get there recently.  For $27 I chose three plants in varying color and size.  I also tried to choose stems that had blooms that have yet to open.

2.  Vessel - Next, I had a credit at HomeGoods - my happy place - and found a white bowl the perfect size for $10

3. Filler and Decorative Accessories - Finally, I purchased floral foam and rock at Hobby Lobby for $6.  You can use whatever works for you, such as shells, moss, or glass beads.

After you've gathered your supplies, play around with how each plant should be placed.  I filled the bottom with rock and floral foam to make sure each plant would be the right height:

In the end I removed the circle foam since it raised the plants too high.  I chose to just line the bottom of the bowl with rock.  I left each plant in its original container and I think this is the easiest way to go about it.  I didn't want to mess with the roots too much.  I did take one plant out and removed some of the organic matter so that I could use it to cover the original planters at the end of the project:

Place the plants and then use the floral foam and rock to stop them from shifting in the bowl:

Fill the rest of the container with rock and organic matter and you are done!  Don't forget to water the orchids once a week with 1 to 3 ice cubes, depending on the size!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I love it, Dawn!
    The orchids and the room! I love live flowering plants in my home, too.
    Trader Joe's always has orchids in their floral dept. They cost around $12 each.
    I'm thinking that I need to make a centerpiece for our eatery/breakfast room table :)
    Blessings to you in this new year!
    Keep blogging!
    I love your ideas and home!
    Simply beautiful!
    Hugs, me

  2. Beautiful centerpiece Dawn. I love orchids all year round. You did a fabulous job arranging the orchids for the centerpiece. I had to move mine from my east window because of the cold window glass. They are all in the pass trough above my kitchen sink for awhile. I hope it warms up before the leaves loose all of their green color. Have a lovely Valentine's weekend.


  3. Simple and stylish! Love it! Did I say I was happy to have you back:)

  4. This is so beautiful! I love orchids, but I can never keep them alive, it's so sad.

  5. Well, yes, it is easy, now that you tell us how to do it!! LOL I've wanted to do this for a long time, but when I've researched it online, they managed to make a big deal about it, and I'm not about doing things that are harder than they need to be, which I didn't think it should be. I admit I was thinking about taking them out of their pots, but it shouldn't be so hard, right?? Thanks a million! Beautiful!! ~Zuni

    1. I have a secret. I did take one out of the pot, and it didn't turn out so well because it didn't hold it's moisture we'll enough. I think I might have to replace that one of do something to help it hold it's moisture.

  6. Just beautiful and SMART to DIY! Lovely arrangement!

  7. It's a beautiful arrangement….I love orchids too!

  8. I really like your pot and the combination of the different orchids.

  9. Love that last photo of your built-in seating and the lovely window treatments! I'm so inimidated by orchids for some reason - I should just give it a try.

  10. This is such a great project, and your home is just beautiful!!
    I am also a member of the "intimidated by orchids club" so my hat's off to you.
    That spot in your home looks SO inviting.

  11. I's beautiful, Dawn! Your tulip table and chairs arranged at the window seat steal the show! :) Thanks for stopping by Best of the Nest!

  12. so easy, will try this at home. I too love to keep some around.