Friday, January 4, 2013

Dinner Idea: Pizza Margherita

After the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, I'm very much looking forward to a night at home in front of the fire! 

Some days, I will let my older son skip his nap and put the two boys down by 7.  On these nights, we like to wait to have dinner while enjoying a nice fire. 

So, on the menu for tonight is Grilled Pizza Margherita! 

I love this recipe because I usually have all of the ingredients on hand and can easily make it when I haven't had time to plan and prep a dinner.  Here is what you will need:

Garlic (two cloves chopped)
Basil Leaves (to taste)
Fresh Roma Tomatoes (2)
Tomato Sauce (canned or frozen)
Pizza Crust (2)
Fresh Mozzarella
Olive Oil

I usually always have fresh garlic and basil on hand, while most of the time I have Roma tomatoes; when I don't have fresh tomatoes, I substitute the Roma Tomatoes and Tomato Sauce for a can of San Marizano Whole Roma Tomatoes, canned with juice and basil.  I slice the tomatoes and use the juice as my sauce.  All of these ingredients are available at Costco or Walmart.  I buy the 4 pack of Mama Mary's Thin Crust from Costco which comes with four packets of tomato sauce and freeze them along with the fresh mozzarella.

First, I saute garlic in olive oil until fragrant and warm the tomato sauce with salt, basil, and oregano to taste:

While the tomato sauce is warming, I thinly slice the tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil and brush the pizza crust with oil, sea or kosher salt, and garlic:

I grill the oiled side of the pizza crust on medium high until the crust starts to char a little.  I then add all of the toppings, except the basil, to the grilled side of the crust:

Reduce the grill to low, cover, and allow the cheese to melt.  At the very end, add the basil:

If you are not crazy like me and don't want to bare the cold, this can easily be done in your oven.  We always make two pizzas at a time because the leftover pizza warms up nicely on the stove, and is usually even better the next day.

I like to serve with red wine and a side salad of mixed greens:

I love eating this meal, as it takes me back to our time in Italy.  We had the best Pizza Margherita every day for was delicious and I always dream of heading back to Italy for the food alone.  One day!

Here are a few links to recipes that I've used in the past, including a different variatino with figs, goat cheese, and carmalized onions (so good)!

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Or, you can follow me on Pinterest and see all of my recipes here.

Do you have any easy and great tasting recipes you like to enjoy on a cold evening or in front of the fire?  Please share a link here below, as I love new ideas!

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  1. Delicious! I love pizza and this is one of my favorites. Now I'm craving pizza...haha!

    On a cold evening, I love to cook up potato & leek soup. It really hits the spot! Here's the link to my version -

  2. i think you know i'm a pizza girl, and i make it all the time. my dough is easy and pretty healthy, although we use a prepared sauce on it when tomatoes aren't in season.

    take me to italy for pizza. please!


  3. The Margarita pizza's are my favorite .. simple ingredients and I love the basil. The last time I did this, I used dough and it was SO difficult to shape and thin out. Next time I'll get the dough already made!

    Thanks for sharing your recipe:)


  4. My favorite pizza, especially when it's done in a wood pizza oven. This looks as close to that, so I'm definitely going to give it a try. When we were in Cabo a couple years ago (almost to the date!) they made the best margherita pizza- so fresh and yummy!