Sunday, January 13, 2013

Add Life, or Art, to your Walls...

I was recently asked to share my home at another bloggers site and I said "yes, absolutely"!!!  However, I have not shared certain rooms in their entirety because I'm still trying to finish the spaces to a place that I'm happy with.  SOOO...that left me trying to quickly get things together in there so that I wouldn't embarrass myself!  ;)

One thing I needed to add quickly and cheaply to the room was wall art.  Today I will share a few ideas that I came up with to quickly add some life to your walls.  I will be honest, I have not had a chance to implement all of these ideas, but I wanted to save them here for my future reference!  Hope you might find this beneficial as well.

1.  First and foremost, know what you like.  Or follow me on pinterest!!!  ;)  The following snapshot is my Pinterest "Make a Statement with Art" board:

Create a board on Pinterest and start pinning when you see something that catches your eye.  This way you have a frame of reference when you need to make a decision on art. just isn't fun to make a hole in the wall and then one week later change your mind about the height, shape, size - whatever - of that picture you just HAD TO HAVE last week.  I speak from experience here.

2. Gallery wall of your own photo's.   I discussed gallery wall ideas in my last post. You can see all of my suggestions for creating a gallery wall using your own photos here. I provided ideas to group together photos you might already have from family outings, vacations, or just being out around town!  These include a bold colorful photo wall, architectural detail wall, portrait wall, black and white photos, photo memory wall, or a beauty in nature wall.  Here are a few of the options I discussed:

3.  Goodwill/Thrifstore/Flea Market Finds.  All of the following photos contain at least one picture found at Goodwill and the like.  The first image contains a painting I found a few days ago for $2.99 (I have since painted the frame as it didn't feel right to me).  Every picture and frame in the following series was less than $7: 


4.  Frame, or hang, a collection.  You can use anything.  Sheet music.  Sea shells.  Pages from an illustrated book.  Rocks, keys, leaves, pressed flowers, maps, whatever....  Here are a few images that I really like:

I added this set of chargers, each $1 from Goodwill - I've seen similar ones in the Nate Burkus line at Target for $18 - to our dining room to add height and texture.   

5.  Do It Yourself.  This can be just might not be quicker.  If you see something you like in a magazine, catalogue, or online, chances are someone else out there that liked it too.  Google it.  You might be surprised to find a way to do it yourself.  Here are just a few things I've done around my house and ideas that I've found on Pinterest:
Sailboat mobile in our nursery...

Framed gears inspired by a Restoration Hardware catalogue....

via Simplicity in the South

6.  Student Art.

A reader, artist, and blogger, Suzanne Gibbs, suggested checking out local student art shows in the comments section of my last post.  Here is a re-cap of her comments:

Dawn - an alternate to photographs is original fine art. Without too much trouble you and your readers could visit a student art show at a local university or community college and begin searching. Most students are approachable and really need cash to make more art work to further their career. Many times art can be found under $1000 (sometimes under $100).

Opening receptions can serve as a family night out (much cheaper than museum visits). Twenty to 30 minutes max to look at the art - after about your 6th show together (all shows are free) you will all begin to know what kind of art you like.

Then find the artists who made the work and begin the conversation. I have noticed that children are very good at NOT being intimidated - they will blurt out what they like and don't like. Great conversations can be had around asking them WHY they like an artwork.

I think this is a great suggestion!  The Chicago Art Institute offers student shows two times a year, with the next one in the spring.  I think I will be headed there this year!

Do you have any ideas to share?  Please do!!

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  1. Great tips!! Had you seen the DIY of the herringbone art on View Along the Way? It looks pretty easy and turns out great!

    I love the colors she chose too.

    1. That looks like something that would be great to do with my soon to be four year old.....

      ...thanks for sharing, I didn't see that previously!

  2. What a great post Dawn! There really is no reason to have bare walls!

    1. Thanks Luci! I'm tired of my bare walls and coverless windows so this is the year to do something about it.....

      I love the post you did about modern art and still think I want to add something like that over my fireplace....