Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Finds

Today I walked away with just a few things from the thrift store:

Below is an instagram picture of the lanterns in their new home - my older son's bedroom.  We have an industrial / all things transportion theme going on in the room

I came home all excited insisting to my husband that these lanterns were used on an old ship somewhere - based mainly of the fact that they say "port" and "starboard."  He sort of doubts it, thinking that they would be way more weathered and beat up if that were the case.  Either way, I like them!

I brought this little guy to the counter with me when I went to make the purchase and the cashier threw him in for free:

I think I may give him this treatment found via Bungalow at Home, and hang him on the Christmas tree:

I also took the time to plant some Paperwhites in preparation for Christmas after feeling inspired by this post at Shauna at Satori Design for Living:

This is my first year trying to grow these inside, so we'll see if it works!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Dawn, you always find the coolest things at the thrift store! Thanks for the mention:) I'm addicted to Rub N Buff I tell you! And that little birdie is going to look adorable!

    Love your paperwhites! I have to work on my Christmas list this weekend or I''m in trouble!

    1. Hi Luci -

      I probably walked by the lanterns three or four times before they actually registered. The thing is, I was actually LOOKING for something like this after I saw a cool looking old lantern light my dad recently purchased. I feel like I never find anything I'm looking for....goes to show I'm probably just not looking hard enough.


  2. Dawn, So glad you got your bulbs planted. Mine are doing okay so far, but I think one of the bags I bought must've been last year's stock or something because they're really slow to take off. Perhaps they'll be strong finishers! Thanks for the mention and be sure to come back when I have my link parties and show off some of your projects!