Monday, November 5, 2012

Cool Weather Inspired Ideas

The crisp and cool air gets me excited for winter nights in front of the fire, playing board games, and drinking a little vino.  These images give me the urge to hit up my husbands closet, or maybe the local Goodwill, to look for some sweaters to do a little of this:

Christmas Stockings

Christmas Stockings

and maybe a little of this:

Or maybe I might look for some linen and burlap to do a little of this:

 or this:

The above bows could be fun decoration for the Christmas tree, holiday wreaths, or even make a beautiful addition to Christmas presents wrapped in brown paper and twine.

Not sure if I will get it to this year, but I thought something like the following image could make a great tree skirt (or maybe even a crib skirt in a girls nursery):

Do you have fun DIY ideas in preparation for the upcoming holidays or cool winter air?  I'd love a little extra inspiration!  :)

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  1. Dawn I love the burlap and linen balls! Maybe once my power is back on from this horrible hurricane, I can finally think of something else besides staying warm!